Arteleku, the art centre that was set up in 1987 by the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, ceased its activity in 2014. Back then, there wasn’t any other such centre in the Basque Country or in its immediate environment. The centre was aimed at meeting the existing needs and, since the very beginning, its work was rooted on art education and was developed though experimentation, artistic practice and production.

Arteleku was a place for artists to work, meet and learn from each other (and from different genres), but it was also a place to look into existing issues and debates in many fields of knowledge through workshops, seminars and conferences. In addition to this, there was a desire to have all that knowledge shared, hence the importance of different journals, particularly Zehar.

Just as every living body evolves, so did Arteleku and so did society, amongst other reasons, because the way we access information, the way we work and how we present that work also changed.

Therefore, we have created this digital archive to retrieve the memories of Arteleku and make them accessible for the citizens.