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The Silent Ones

The Silent Ones: this is the short title Santi Eraso has given this new joint exhibition at Arteleku. To strive for silence, margin, periphery, reflection., solitude (for some time I have wanted to organize an exhibition entitled Solitudes, and the course I organized at the Círculo de Bellas-Artes in Madrid on fourteen Solitarians in Art has just ended), is very necessary these days, I think, when a majority of critics, art directors and museum directors keep insisting on promoting the gregarious, the epochal, the fashionable, rather than solid and profound projects. (An example of what I am referring to? The last Venice Blende, where, apart from rare and honourable exceptions, the Giardini pavilions reveal, a high degree of avant-garde conformism and an alarming lack of renewal, contrasting Jean Clair's discourse in his exhibition Identity and Alterity, even if its insistence on the figurative is excessive, represents a healthy counterpoint, and above all, an invitation to a debate). (June 1995)